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This benefit applies to employees and their families. Should you lose your life due to an accident, your beneficiary will receive this tax-free benefit in addition to Life Insurance. As well, if you suffer a paralysis, loss or loss of use of a body part a percentage of your principal sum will be paid to you. There are additional coverages included within this benefit to help pay for unforeseen expenses due to an accidental injury.

  • Up to two times Basic Life Insurance (four times if paralysis)
  • Maximum benefit $850,000
  • In addition to a full schedule of losses, the AD&D benefit includes:




Repatriation Benefit

Pays the actual expense incurred for preparing the deceased for burial or cremation and the shipment of the body of the insured to the city of residence.


Rehabilitation Benefit

If special training is required because of an injury, payment will be made within 365 days of the accident.


Family Transportation

Pays the cost of transporting a family member to where the insured is hospitalized.


Occupational Training Benefit

Pays expenses incurred for retraining of spouse who was not employed full-time at the time of the insured's death.


Special Education Benefits

Upon the death of an insured, payment will be made for dependent children in a school for higher learning (university, private college, CEGEP, or trade school).

$ 5,000.00

Home Alteration and Vehicle Modification Benefit

Will pay, within three years of an accident, the cost of alterations to a principal residence and/or modifications on a motor vehicle for the purpose of making them wheelchair accessible.


Day Care Benefit Upon the death of an insured a benefit will be paid for the dependent children enrolled in a licensed Day Care Centre. $5,000/yr
for 4 years
Seat Belt Benefit If an insured person sustains an injury resulting in a payment from the 'Schedule of Losses' the principal sum amount will be increased by 10% if the insured was wearing a seat belt at the time of the accident.  
Critical Illness Benefit  If the insured person is diagnosed with cancer, stroke, heart attack or kidney failure and survives at least 30 days, a lump sum payment will be made.   $10,000
Continuation of Coverage

Insurance can be continued during leave of absence, sickness, maternity leave or lay-off period.

Waiver of Premium If an insured person has been approved for long term disablity, payment of premium will be waived.  

Conversion Option

Within 31 days of termination, application can be made to convert to an individual accident insurance plan with no evidence of insurability required.


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